Swappable pickups


The idea of being able to swap out pickups has been around for some time.

Gibson experimented with this as early as the 90’s for demonstrating their pickups. The guitars were used in selected dealerships in the U.S.A., but were not for sale to the public.

In 2008 Gibson issued a Gibson Push Tone Les Paul featuring this system. Only a few were made and have now become collectors’ items.

More recently the idea has been brought back to life, Relish and Somnium guitars both offering variations on the pickup swapping theme.


The RJR system maintains a traditional solid wood body with precision machined cavities allowing the pickups to be inserted from the back of the instrument.

The pickup mounts are 3D printed in-house and allow the height and tilt of the pickups to be easily adjusted  and fixed with the use of a simple scredriver.

The pickups are inserted from the back of the guitar and held in place by 4 small embedded magnets. They are removed by simply pushing from the front of the guitar. The electrical signal is transmitted via spring-loaded gold-plated contact pins.

Any standard-size humbucker style pickup can be mounted on our pickup supports. Our guitars come equipped with one pair of  Bareknuckle, Hausser or Benedetti humbuckers.